About JHack

In 2015, JHack brought together over twenty High Schools and 150 students across Auckland in a series of programming challenges in a competition format in a first ever Junior Hackathon in 2015.

The ultimate goal of JHack is to introduce programming to kids in a fun format to show how they can be a part of New Zealand’s digital economic future.

We have expanded in 2016 and will offer multiple programming challenges. Mentors from the IT industry will be assigned to work with each team.  These industry mentors will provide support, guidance, encouragement and promote self esteem and independent thinking.

This year we will start Jhack with a 1 day workshop at Manukau Institute of Technology MIT where registered participants are invited to attend.  In Partnership with Microsoft the students will be introduced to the programme and the competition.  They will be trained and introduced to their industry mentor who will be working with them over the next few months.

Email us at team@jhack.co.nz if you have any questions.

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